What We Do


We want to go make new friends as we meet people and give them what God has put in us to give. This is a very non threatening, relaxed style of sharing Jesus. Most of the time, we are listening to other peoples stories and asking God to reveal His. We are just people sharing their story with people.


We want to set people free to be the unique individual that God made them to be in their relationship with Him.   Our hope is to come along side others that want some type of assistance in their walk with God.  This is not a cookie cutter approach or cloning machine to make people look like they fit into something where they don’t belong.


Mentoring is a long term relationship of coming alongside and keeping people accountable in their passion and focus for God.


We have gone to all kinds of places to give away Jesus as we love and serve others.

A quick list of the places we go to are: Jails, Prison, Treatment facilities, Schools, Juvenile Detention Centers, Retreats, Churches, Mission Trips, Reservations, The City Streets, Shelters, Half-way Houses, Work places, Coffee shops.   As we have an adventure with God, we are going to the “Highways and byways to the least of these”.  More creative adventures are in the making!